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C U Soon Movie Review: Introduction

C U Soon Movie Review:  A film that I was extremely intrigued about and I’m so excited to talk to you guys about is the Malayalam movie C U Soon directed by Mahesh Narayan and I’m starring Fahad Faasil, Roshan Matthew, and darshan Rajendran in lead roles. The film is primarily shot on an iPhone and is an experimental and hugely impressive project at creating a full-fledged feature film despite the economic constraints that exist due to the pandemic the world has been hit by.

C U Soon Movie Story

The film C U Soon focuses on the new age of social media an extremely developed and interconnected technology where human connections take place with just one swipe on your mobile phones and vital information naked to the eye of the common fork is readily available to be analyzed and manipulated.

Relationship blossoms between Jimmy and Anmol played by Roshan and Darshan respectively only to ask the most pertinent question do we really know the people we have become vulnerable to how jimmy’s friend Kevin played by Fahadh Faasil aids in providing sensitive information and this leads to an excess of secrets unraveling much to the shock of the principal characters.

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What Is Special

The film provides for an extremely unique viewing experience. The moment you realize the conditions in which the project has been formulated and executed it increases the respect you already had for the Malayalam film industry.

Usually in thrilling movies have the capability to provide you with a transportive experience as if you are part of the world and the characters in it C U Soon have this odd and instantaneous ability to provide you for a creepy experience.

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as if you are monitoring on conversations between characters it’s invasive in its visual treatment and thus the impact of the revelations increases tenfold while many viewers will feel that its treatment was similar in the Voot series The Gone Game.

The captivating web series still in its integration of video text conversations and CCTV footage uses the aid of set cameras to enhance its storytelling the justifiable parallel is the 2018 john Cho film Searching which Mahesh Narayanan has spoken about that movie.

The film is 1 hour and 38 minutes long and I am not elaborate when I say this it has the ability to develop curiosity among the viewers to establish their own theories as the characters interact with one another.

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Mahesh Narayanan’s Direction Impressed Everyone

Mahesh Narayanan is the writer-director cinematographer as well as the editor and him deserving of all the praise regarding this film. The film primarily covers the screen with text conversations your Google Duo or the perspective of laptop screens.

In moments, the viewers shutting down like the computers as we take a break from spying on our characters. The editing is extremely crisp engaging the audience and keeping them curious at the turn of events.

Film Shoot In Lockdown

What I absolutely loved about a film like C U Soon and specifically a creator like Mahesh Narayanan and a talent like for Fahadh Faasil that produces such a project is the sheer vision of the creative individuals. While during this lockdown the Hindi film industry is still dependent on the projects that are in the back burner of production companies and are packaging them as new fresh releases.

The creators in this case shot a film in June got it ready by august only for it to release a few weeks later. The sheer vision to not only present a film that is technically brilliant but that hits close to home with the issues many Malayalis face with respect to their connection to the UAE.

This is not just a pedestal of Mahesh Narayanan to show off as a director and several other portfolios he has taken up but to communicate a relevant social issue as well something that you will have to witness the film for the twists and turns to unravel.

Star Cast Performances

The three main leads are absolutely exceptional in this film Roshan and Matthew is hands down one of the most talented young actors we have that is consecutively proving himself in the different worlds.

Fahad Faasil is Kevin the capable and cautious techie provides for all the snooping and necessary weariness. There are long sequences where Fahad doesn’t say anything it just reacts to the new information that gets exposed communicating through his eyes shock disgust apathy and even despairs. Just a testament of the sheer talent the man possesses it is Darshana Rajendra and as Anmol.

C U Soon Movie: Overall Review

This slick and engaging thriller is worth your time. please check it out on amazon prime video.

IWRIX: 4.5/5 (An Engaging Thriller)


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