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Cargo Netflix 2020 Movie Review: Introduction

Cargo Netflix 2020 movie Review: Sometimes the thought came in our mind that “How’s the life after death”, whether the person goes to heaven or they or they goes to hell. This Cargo Netflix 2020 Movie which starts Vikrant Messy and Shweta Tripathi try to give all the answers to these questions in a very unique and different way. The first and important thing is that this movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Cargo Netflix Movie 2020: Story

Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi are running the “After Life Service Portal” in the spaceship in which people who died are transferred to the spaceship. They wipe out their memories and heals their body.

If ever in your life the thought has come that “How’s the afterlife of death”, then this movie tries to show these things very clearly and smoothly.

The movie looks a little boring in starting and looks weird in which you will not understand what’s going on in the movie.

But when the movie catches the grip, it looks fun, entertaining, and interesting too. What actually happens in the movie, for that you have to watch Cargo Movie on Netflix.

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Positive Points Of The Movie

The idea of making this movie and exploring these types of content is really brilliant and very amazing and it’s an achievement in themselves.

The way space is shown in this movie and the thing which is shown whether it is TV or Healing Machine all are giving the retro look.

The background music of the Cargo movie purely donates the pop culture and it looks cool on hearing on the screen.

Despite being a Sci-Fi film, the way they capture the human emotion is really amazing and definitely impress you.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

The editing of the Cargo movie is not up to the mark which we were expecting. Basically, this movie belongs to the future world but the future world is not shown anywhere in the movie. Only space and space world is shown.

The characters somehow look incomplete. The director of this film should explore the characters more so that we can feel a real touch.


If we talk about performances, then there are not so many characters in this film. Basically, only two characters are put in the centre point.

Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi’s characters were amazing. These two co-stars of Mirzapur will be seen here and usually, they performed their job very well.

Konkona Sen Sharma is only seen in one scene and that shot by Konkona Sen is really very good.

Cargo Movie Overall Review

Cargo Netflix 2020 Movie is the type of movie which is previously made in India. In terms of content, this movie is somehow extraordinary and somehow not.

IWRIX: 3/5

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