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Halal Love Story Full Movie Review: Malayalam Industry Never Disappoints

Halal Love Story Full Movie Review: Today, I watched Amazon Prime Video’s new love story movie named “Halal Love Story,” and as usual, it impressed me. Malayalam industry is giving tough competition to every industry, and this movie is proof.

 Halal Love Story Full Movie Story


Halal Love Story is the story of a committee of the Muslim Community. Some people think that to explore art, we need to make a film and this film will be elegant and clean. While directing this movie, what problems arise, and whether this movie will be made or not. To know this, you have to watch this movie, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Positive Points Of The Movie

• The concept of this movie is unique and new as well. You may have already watched the movie-making film so many times, but this one is something special.

• The way this story narrated is awe-inspiring. If we leave the starting 30 minutes of the movie, then the movie’s flow after that is very impressive.

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• The elements used here, whether it is humor or emotion, are narrated and directed well and good.

• The characters in this movie are perfect. Whether it is Sura’s character, her husband, the director, or the members of the film. Every character shows their depth, their arc, and their dimensions. Due to this, the journey of making this film will connect you with them.

• Not only characters, emotions, and comedy but also the bunch of Muslim conservative nature shows in this film are amazing.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

• The starting 30 minutes of this movie is not very impressive. The people who haven’t watched Malayalam movie before this then those audiences will feel bored.

• The character of the director in this film should be explored more.


Halal Love Story Overall Review

Halal Love Story movie will not disappoint you. This movie is one of the best movies in the Malayalam Industry.

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