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JL50 Web Series Review: Introduction

JL50 Web Series Review: What a lot of people don’t know about and will be my consistent effort in bringing to the forefront for you guys is attempts at innovation that is getting little to no attention while I saw hatred being spelled online towards artists and general products.

Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol

The web series JL50, a four-episode web series written and directed by Shelin Dervyas came out starring Abhay Deol and Pankaj Kapoor in lead roles. You can watch JL50 Web Series on SonyLIV. SonyLIV is continuously bringing many web series like Avrodh, Undekhi, Your Honor, Ram Singh Charlie and it is giving tough competition to most famous OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime in terms of content.

JL50 Web Series: Story

The series focuses on the investigation regarding a plane crash in West Bengal while it comes to the shocking revelation of the CBI that the plane is not the same aircraft that has been hijacked by separatist forces.

Currently, the crash site details convey that it is the same flight that went missing 35 years ago when it flew from Kolkata.

How the CBI investigates the odd case consulting and questioning experts as well as the two survivors, one a female pilot and the other a supposed civilian.

Observing whether this is a setup to fool them by recreating the crash from 35 years ago or the actual case of time travel forms the crux of JL50.

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Good And Bad Aspects Of The Series

Pankaj Kapoor
Pankaj Kapoor

• Background music and songs the music of the series stands out as one of its most impressive qualities.

• Bad VFX while Abhay Deol was being interviewed for JL50, was communicating how impressed he was regarding the concept of the series. Just wished that the VFX of the series could be executed well.

• Sadly the case for JL50 maybe because of the limited budget it is working. In several shots, you will notice the amateur of clunky visual effects via the aircraft shocks the helicopters transitioning into the frame.

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• Cinematography and production design is the unfortunate comparison of this series that while it is underwhelming regarding its visual effects. Its ability to capture the beauty and aura of West Bengal are visually stunning.

• The series has this aura of being mysterious with its background music. Kolkata has its backdrop and the premise which in itself intrigues you.

• The important thing regarding the series is that each frame should be time-specific, vigilant, and rather fastidious viewers can easily look at each frame. Attention to detail regarding each frame is praiseworthy.


JL50 Web Series
JL50 Web Series

• What is absolutely undeniable regarding the series is that the sequences of combat and movement are definitely half-baked and often comical.

• There are moments as well where characters get into physical altercations and the choreography in those sequences is not perfectly designed to lend authenticity.

• My respect for the creators would have increased tenfold if an equal amount of effort would have been made for its action sequences, writing, and performances.

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Cast Performances

Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh Sharma

• The supporting character Rajesh Sharma is a CBI officer colleague. Yoshimura is the out of control survivor of the plane crash and Ridika Anand as a female pilot is commendable.

Pankaj Kapoor as das and a physics professor both are brilliant in their roles.

This series is not strictly just a time travel series and the theorized concept of the outcome of altering history but it presents a journey of one’s truth showcased successfully.

JL50 Web Series Overall Review

Abhay Deol In JL50
Abhay Deol In JL50

However, JL50 lies somewhere here a great sign of the steps one is attempting to make in the genre. JL50 is an attempt in the right direction. That direction being innovation and creativity you should give it a chance on SonyLIV.

IWRIX: 4/5 (Good Attempt To Make A Time Travel Series)

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