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Laxmii Bomb Movie Review: Decent One Time Watch Movie

Laxmii Bomb Movie Review: Finally, after a very long wait, Disney Plus Hotstar releases the most awaited movie of Akshay Kumar named Laxmii Bomb or Laxmii. The hype for this movie was very high by the audience as well as Akshay Kumar fans. Today I am going to give Laxmii Bomb Movie Review with honesty and no spoiler.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Well as we all know that this movie is the official remake of most famous south film Kanchana which stars Raghava Lawrance in the lead role and as director of the film. The Kanchana movie is available on Youtube and I think everyone knows the story of the film. So I don’t think that we need to discuss the story of the film. Let’s talk about the Positive and Negative points of the movie.

Positive Points Of The Movie

• The message of this movie is very strong. As you all know that, there was a very strong message given in the Kanchana movie and that message is presented here very well which impressed a lot.

• You will get to see some changes in this movie but the basic core of this movie is destroyed by this change. It means that the movie is destroyed by the name of the remake.

• The next positive point of the movie is Bam Bolle song and this song is a visual treat for everyone and you have to accept this. The energy level shown by the Akshay Kumar in this song is of the next level.


• The writer and the director of this movie Raghava Lawrance and he well-tried to polish his movie Kanchana in this film and that is amazing. The flaws which remain in Kanchana movie is fully recovered in Laxmii Bomb.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

• First of all, you will not get to see the major depths in the characters. The depth and the arc which one character requires is missing here.

• If you are expecting huge comedy and horror from this film then you will get disappointed. The main motive of this film is to give the social message and the whole film is based on this.

• There are 3 songs in this film from which the 2 songs are well and good but the first song was neither required in this film nor its placement is good.

• The character of the villain in the Kanchana movie was not presented well and the same mistake happens in this movie. The emotional side of the movie is also not presented well as presented in Kanchana.

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Cast Performance Of Laxmii Bomb

• Akshay Kumar has given his career-best performance in this movie. His transformation, anger and his expression everything is brilliant. He also tries to put more effort from his own side.

• The character of Kiara Advani is also average. Her expression and her acting don’t make sense in this film.

Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani

• The comic timing of the hero’s mother in the Kanchana movie is very amazing. Here the comic timing of heroine’s mother is played by Ayesha Raza and it is very amazing.

• The performance which impressed me very much is Sharad Kelkar. I will not reveal the role portrayed by Sharad Kelkar but his performance will totally make you impress.


The cinematography and VFX of Laxmii Bomb are very much brilliant. As you all know that, the VFX of Kanchana movie was very poor but in Laxmii, it is outstanding. Many scenes in this movie will impress you just because of good VFX.

Laxmii Bomb Overall Review

Laxmii Bomb is a one-time decent watch film in which there is a little bit of humour, little bit horror and very strong message. You can watch this movie and you can enjoy it.

IWRIX: 3/5 ( Decent Watch Film)

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