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London Confidential Zee5 Review: Introduction

London Confidential Zee5 Review: After a very long time, Zee5 brings something unique, and it’s amazing. After Abhay Season 2, London Confidential is going to get its a separate place in everyone’s heart. Every audience has a lot of expectations from London Confidential and this series lived up to the expectations.

London Confidential Zee5: Story

This series shows that after COVID-19, there is a new virus spreading Indo-China Border which is spreading by China. Now one of our Indian Spy gets this news from a Chinese source. And this Indian agent is now going to expose this to a conference in London. But the Chinese killed this agent.

Now rest of the agents wants to know that from where this agent gets that news and which Chinese source gives it to him. Now, will our agents will be successful in this mission or not? For that, you have to watch this film which is now streaming on Zee5.

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Positive Points Of The Movie

To be very honest, the story of the film is very simple but the way this film executed that story is really amazing and due to this you will feel a lot of thrill while watching the movie.

The very good thing is this movie is not shown with a smattering of meaningless glamour. In fact, this movie clearly and brilliantly shows how agents work, and due to this, there is a lot of thrills in this movie.

The location of this movie is very amazing. Don’t know this film is shoot in London or India. The makers worked very well in the background score, color tone, and contrast of the scenes.

The writer of this film is Hussain Zaidi who is a master at writing a crime thriller. His recent directed film was Class Of 83 on Netflix.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

The characters in this movie were not well developed. The way of the working of RAW in this movie is shown correctly but there is a lack of depth ness in this.


Everyone has done their job well in this movie. This movie Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, and Pravesh Rana, and all of them were done their job very well.

The background music of this movie triggering which holds the thrill of the film very well. The editing of this movie is very sharp as this movie is just 1 hour and 17 minutes long.

London Confidential Overall Review

London Confidential is an impressive film. If you wanna watch the movie at a fast pace, a high thriller with no glamour then London Confidential is for you.

IWRIX: 4/5

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