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V Movie Review: Introduction

V movie Review: As we all know that the south industry is growing day by day and we get new genre and content type movies every time. South movies are highly appreciated by the audience not only in the south but in the north as well.

One such movie is recently released in Amazon Prime Video named which stars Natural Star Nani and Sudheer Babu in the lead role. Prime Video is continuously releasing good content movies like Shakuntala Devi, C U Soon, and it also announced Mirzapur Season 2.  Now, let’s discuss the V Movie Review without any spoilers.

V Movie Story

The movie starts with a shirtless action scene of Sudheer Babu who is seen fighting with goons in a very starting scene. Sudheer Babu as a Police Officer named Adithya. He is known for his bravery and a fearless cop in their team.

Then the entry scene of Nani is shown with a high level of swag and a murder. Now Nani challenged Sudheer Babu that I will commit 5 more murders and if you have guts then try to stop me otherwise you have to remove the tag of being a “fearless cop” by yourself.

Now, the question that arises here is that why Nani as Psycho Killer is doing murders and what is the reason behind doing all these things and what is his connection with the police officer Adithya. You will get all the answers to your questions when you will watch the movie.

Positive Points Of The Movie

• The first and main positive point is the deadliest, stylish, and heart winning performance by Natural Star Nani. Nani’s acting in this movie wins everyone’s heart with his high-level swag and his brilliant acting skills.

• The second positive point of the movie is its twist which comes in the story in the second half and in the climax scene. That twist looks very impressive according which the plot of the movie.

• The third positive point is the way of doing murder by a psycho killer. The way Nani does all the murders are really horrifying and definitely makes you move your eyes at least one or times from the movie.

• All the action scenes which come in the movie and performed by Nani will definitely entertain you and increase your excitement for the next scene.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

• The story of the V Movie is not very unique as we are expecting it from the teasers and trailer. It is a very basic and routine story written by the director Mohan Krishna Indragati. As these types of content, we have already seen in many movies. But the way story is presented among the audience with some twist and turns is looks good.

• The background music of V Movie is really brilliant but it is highly inspired by the Vishnu Vishal’s Ratsasan movie. Every time the music comes in the movie, you will get the thought about the Ratsasan background music.

• The love angle which is added in the film is not really needed. If the love flavor weren’t added in the movie, then I don’t think that it will make any kind of defect in the movie.

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Star Cast Performances

• The performance of Natural Star Nani is the next level best as we discussed it already. His swag, his style, and his performance left a mark in the movie and for his fans.

Sudheer Babu as a police officer Adithya is also justified with his character and impressed us where it is needed.

• The big-screen space is given to the Nivetha Thomas and she also portrays her role very well in the movie.

Aditi Rao Hydari’s role is very less in this movie but her small screen space is very much important to push the movie forward. She executed her role very well.

V Movie: Overall Review

So, the V Movie is entertaining which does not have any unique content. But you have to watch at least once for powerpack performance by Natural Star Nani and action scene performed by him.

IWRIX: 3/5 (Impressive Performace By Natural Star Nani)

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