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There were some movies which are not being horror genre but make you horrified. Movies which doesn’t have any horror scene but it makes you completely horrified. There are many movies that are in the list but recently released SonyLIV movie is one of them. Today we are going to give you Welcome Home SonyLIV Movie Review without any spoiler.

Welcome Home SonyLIV Movie Review: Makes you Horrified

Welcome Home SonyLIV Movie Review: Welcome Home is the story of two government teachers whose jobs are inside the census. During their job, they go to the place where there is only one house. After going there, they felt that the lady is being tortured by everyone.

To know what happens in actual, they again go there and they trapped. Now, what is actually happening in that house and whether they will be able to move out of the house or not? To know all this, you have to watch the Welcome Home Movie which is streaming on SonyLIV.

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Positive Points Of The Movie

If we explain this movie in one line then Welcome Home is a terrific movie. This movie has all the elements that we can expect from on thriller movie. The story of this movie is very impressive which touches many social problems.

The screenplay of this movie is very impressive which makes you engage from the beginning to the end.  The first 20 minutes of this movie is a little bit slow but after that, the movie catches the grip and that was so amazing.

The thrilling elements inside the movie are very genuine and you will get to see lots of twists and turns in this movie.

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Negative Points Of The Movie

Some characters were established very well and some are not established well and due to this, the movie fails to put the emotional impact on us.

The message of this movie is very impactful and hard-hitting but that message is conveyed properly.

You will get to see some scenes which are totally illogical. Means there is no logic in many scenes of the movie.

Cast Performance

To be very honest, in this movie there are no big names. But despite having all that you will get to see the best performance by each and every actor and actress. Whether the acting of the two teachers or the actions of the villain, each and every character of this film is very impressive.

The villain of this movie impressed us a lot in this movie. The villain remains silent in the whole film but the expressions of their eyes are really amazing and praiseworthy.

Welcome Home Overall Review

The Welcome Home movie is a must-watch movie and you can’t miss this. The thrill of this movie is terrifying and the message of this movie is very hard-hitting and this movie will make you afraid in some scenes.

IWRIX: 4/5 (Combination Of Thrill And Horror)

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